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History of Tuscan Lodge No 241

10 April 1918, Wor Bro GH Curtis, Wor Master of the North Suburban Lodge No 112, requested the Grand Master to grant a warrant in the name of the Sunny South Lodge to 39 freemeasons who had attached their signatures to the petition.

24 April 1918, the MW Grand Master approved the application and granted the charter in the name of The Tuscan Lodge No 241, nominating the fourth Wednesday of each month as the meeting date and the Carlton Hall, Carlton as the meeting place.

24 July 1918, The By-Laws of the lodge were formally adopted.

1923, On June 11th, 1923, a licence for a Lodge of Instruction was issued in the name of "The Tuscan Lodge of Instruction No.62" with meeting times listed as the 1st and 4th. Thursday of each month, at the Carlton Hall, Carlton. Over the years the Lodge of Instruction was well served by Lecture Masters who devoted their time and energy to schooling Brethren in masonic arts.

1926, In this year, the Lodge transferred its meeting place from Carlton to its present site - The Duke of Brunswick Temple, Brunswick Road, South Brunswick.

1929, The Lodge Social Committee, headed by the Social Secretary, Bro John Harris, held the first Children's Christmas Treat - a social function that has continued to the present day.

1931, The effects of the depression were still being felt and the Wor Master EG Thompson was granted Ten Pounds Ten Shillings from Lodge funds to dispense Christmas Cheer to the children of needy brethren.

1932-1935, A regular highlight of the social events of the Lodge during these years was the Annual Cricket Match with the Plenty Lodge. The records do not indicate the scores achieved but make special mention of' the social festivities which followed each match.

1936, The Lodge enjoyed the first of a musical group formed from the Tuscan Brethren known as the "Tuscan Troubadors". This group, headed by the late Wor Bro RG Graham, entertained Lodge brethren far and wide with their renditions of nautical numbers and community choruses. This talented group continnued to entertain brethren until 1941.

1946-59, These were busy years fer the Wor Master and his officers - an average of 12 candidates per year were initiated. Many emergency meetings were held. Membership grew from 121 in 1946 to 206 in 1959.

1955, An Annual Social event was introduced. This was a handicap foot race to be known as the Tuscan Gift. History records that the Social Secretary was the handicapper and also won the race.

1963, The Master for this year, Wor Bro BW Slater, had the unique experience of initiating his twin sons together at the August meeting. Their grandfather, Wor Bro HL Slater, PJGD, assisted with the ceremony.

2010, Tuscan Lodge No 241 handed in its Charter and many of its members joined Fairfield Lodge 254




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