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History of
Friends in Council Lodge No 399

16 December 1871, a warrant was granted to a craft Lodge in England to be called Friends in Council Lodge.

3 June 1872, the Earl of Limerick consecrated Friends in Council Lodge No. 1383 in England. Membership to the Lodge was by private consent of the Supreme Council of England but this was relaxed later to admit gentlemen.

1875, HRH the Duke of Connaught accepted honorary membership in the Lodge.

1924, the Most Wor. Bro. F T Hickford, Pro. Grand Master of Grand Lodge Victoria visited Friends in Council Lodge 1383 in London, England

At a Meeting convened by Wor. Bro. F .Pitcher and held at the Rifle Club Hall, Fairfield on Wednesday, 27th May, 1925, it was decided that the time was opportune for the formation of a new Lodge in the Fairfield - Alphington District.

A Motion submitted by Bro. Harry Bradshaw, seconded by Bro. W. C. Pitcher, "That a new Lodge be formed", was unanimously carried by those present and the necessary Petition to Grand Lodge for a Charter was preferred and presented.

The Charter was granted and on Friday, 4th December, 1925, the new Lodge was consecrated at the Ivalda Masonic Temple, Darebin. The Ceremony was carried out by the Pro. Grand Master, Most Wor. Bro .Frederick T. Hickford, assisted by R. W. Bro. W. Warren Kerr, Deputy Grand Master and Grand Lodge Officers. The name of the Lodge "Friends in Council" was adopted on a suggestion from M. W. Bro Hickford who had the pleasure of visiting the Lodge of that name in London and was greatly impressed by its aptness.

The Lodge was sponsored by the Alphington Lodge No. 295. Wor. Bro. George Frederick Pitcher was installed as Foundation Master. Friends in Council sponsored a new Daughter Lodge called Rockbeare and it was consecrated on Friday, 14th September, 1951. The Foundation W. Master was Wor. Bro. Jim Neilson, I.P.M., Wor. Bro. Jack Arthur, Secretary, Wor. Bro. Bill Pitcher and Treasurer, Wor. Bro. Arthur Pitcher.


During the 1939-45 War, several of our Members saw active service in the Fighting Forces.

One of these Brethren, Bro. Graham McLeod, made the supreme sacrifice when taking part in a raid over Berlin with the R.A.A.F.

19 November 1983, Friends in Council-Memphis Lodge was formed and consecrated by Most Wor. Bro. Henry Nathan PGM at IVALDA Masonic Centre, Darebin.

15 April 2002, Friends in Council-Memphis Lodge returns Warrant to Grand Lodge. We hope and pray that this Lodge, with so much history, will be remembered for its contribution to Freemasonry.




History of Lodge of Memphis No 646

The Lodge of No. 646 was sponsored by the Rosanna Lodge No. 525 and Consecrated in the Masonic Temple, Heidelberg by R. Wor. Bro. T. Baillie, Deputy Grand Master, on the 28th June, 1948.

It was believed that a more splendid or significant name than Memphis could not have been selected.

Menes, the first dynastic King of Egypt, founded the City of Memphis which was, for a time, the capital of the country. It was situated about fourteen miles South of the present City of Cairo and a few miles from the Pyramids of Gizeh, the ruins of which are to be seen today.

It is said that, at the epoch of Menes, the Egyptians were already a civilised and numerous people.

Manetho, the great priest and historian, tells us that – 'Athothis, the son of King Menes, built the Palace of Memphis; was a physician and left anatomical books'.

Following the invariable rule in the East, the Temple at Memphis stood oriented to the East so that he who stood up on the Threshold gazed upon the refulgent glory of the rising Sun.

In that Temple, which was dedicated to the Kabiri – 'the great, beneficent and powerful Gods' as Cassius Hemina called them – only the priests were suffered to enter the Holy precincts in which the doctrine of Immortality was taught.

There, also, were performed the Ten Mysteries or Degrees of Ptah, the first Architect Builder.

Beneath the Temple lay the subterranean crypts of vast extent and greater renown wherein were performed the sacred mysteries of 'The Unavoidable Circle – The Circle of Necessity' – the inescapable doom imposed upon every souI after the bodily death.

From that Temple there streamed forth Light to illumine Ancient Egypt for countless ages until the teachings of the Temple decayed and eventually vanished.

The decay of the Temple at Memphis commenced the decline of the Mystery Schools; the Light waned; the Night came and reached its utmost depth during the so–called Dark Ages of Europe.

This could well have become permanent had there not been a sufficient resurgence, during recent centuries, of the spiritual aspiration and activity without which mankind must fail.

With the foundation of the Lodge of Memphis commenced, in small measure, a contribution towards the rekindling and restoration of Light in the world with the hope that it would inherit much of the splendour and inspiration of the Temple which, of olden days, was one of the greatest glories of the World.


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